Stream Link Communication is a leading licensed Telecommunication/ISP services provider

Stream Link Communication is a leading licensed Telecommunication/ISP services provider bearing Registration No. D-22147. Being established under a highly experienced team of professionals and entrepreneurs its registered office is at Shar-e-Now, Kabul Afghanistan.

Stream Link Communication is a group of global telecom professionals who wanted to introduce a totally new internet experience for millions of people in Afghanistan. Inspired by the broadband revolution of the 21st century in the developed part of the world, the founding team of Stream Link Communication, conceived the idea of broadband Internet services for Afghanistan. Stream Link Communication offers high-speed Internet services to residential, corporate, and SME customers. For corporate and SME customers Stream Link Communication offers a dedicated leased line to enable them to send huge amounts of data.

Pooling decades of experience, our team is dedicated to achieving excellence in all domains of the Telecommunication/ISP industry and focuses on quality by providing superior broadband internet services. In this essence, we provide high-quality Broadband DSL internet services at very low prices. We provide services like Broadband DSL, Wi-Fi, Wireless, Dial-up, VSAT, and all kinds of networking solutions.

Stream Link Communication was formed to provide Telecommunications/ISP Services across a wide geographical area, with particular emphasis on vertical solutions and the development of Value-Added Services.

Stream Link Communication has now evolved as a major provider in the Gulf Region is determined to offer high-quality End-to-End Telecommunication/ISP Services for our customers and partners to develop and support their business needs

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Stream Link Communication is a world‐class voice, data, and Internet service for residential, business, and wholesale customers. Our complete portfolio of voice and data telecommunication services is available in almost all cities of Afghanistan. 

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